We aim at making studies for the information and communication society. Our goals are to provide education and training opportunity especially for the young people and to form the society of the information by being scientific, contemporary, democratic, prolific, finding solutions to the problems of the world, easily adapting to the changing world, having future targets, criticizing in a civilized way, having the principle of lifelong learning, being sensitive to the culture and art, having varieties, coordinating theory and application, having self-confidence and tolerance, protecting the environment, having universal and humanistic moral values.

We would like to be helpful to individuals and the foundations.  We have focused on communication, information, art, culture, youth, training etc. in our association. We have been dealt with youth programmes, education and training activities, and courses on English, computer, photograph and project since 2006. Our association has been providing education and training opportunities on EU projects, photography, computer, English and seminars for youngsters and adults. Moreover, we have been trying to reach our target group by social media tools. We have a Youtube channel, Bilsek TV (http://www.youtube.com/c/bilsektv). We use green screen technology for our channel. The studio of the channel is in our association. We create videos in the framework of our vision, mission working areas information, art, culture, education, communication and youth.

We founded the youth council in our city Kahramanmaraş. And our association pioneered the youth council of the city assembly. We have good relations with other associations, local authorities and university.

We are fully motivated to participate in the projects within Erasmus+ and other programmes.

We organized trips to discover nature and environment around our region.

Our youth activities are about research and development. So, we organize trainings, courses and seminars about social affairs, artistic studies such as literature, drama, handcrafts, folk dance, the social and cultural organizations (fairs, trips, exhibitions, festivals, conferences and so on.), local, national and international projects

Our club management is open to everybody especially the young people. There is no gender and nation discrimination. We are safe for everybody.

We have common projects with other civil society establishments. Some of them have been granted.

BİLSEK has a positive image in Kahramanmaraş with its youth studies and courses for adult.

We continue our studies in our new office which is in the city center. We have the facilities under the allowance of the Government.

The key persons in this project participated and coordinated national and international projects, meetings and seminars. They know English very well. They have computer and digital skills. Some of them are project cycling management trainers. Our young members are very experienced on project and activity management. They have been involved in various national and international activities. They are talented on using social media, ICT, taking and editing photo and video. Most of them know English. The contact person of the project is works for public bod as civil servant. He is a photographer as well. He is interested in nature, environment and photography.

The president of our association is a teacher of English and PCM trainer. He has been working on projects since 2005. He coordinated and involved in many projects at local, national and international level.

We are experienced organization on various projects within various programmes. Some of those are listed in table below.

We hosted seven volunteers and sent four volunteers within Erasmus+ EVS Programme. We have had other projects such as Youth in Action 1.2 Youth Enterprises: “Akıp Giden Hayat” which is about water saving, Action 1.1 Youth exchanges, titled “The nature and history from the perspective of the youth” in which photographs and album have been presented by the young participants. We implemented Youth in Action 1.1 project called "Picture of Happiness", and other Youth in action project called "I have a dream". Our association consists of especially young people both males and females. We involved in the Grundtvig project “Language Unites Europe”. We implemented the project, called “The Environmental Platform for Kahramanmaraş" with the participation of 24 NGOs in the city. The platform is still active on social media.  We coordinated a Grant Scheme project, “Yes to Study, No to Illiteracy” in 2015. We provided training and education opportunity for 500 socio-economically disadvantaged students within that project. We implemented a KA105 project, titled “Youth in Social Media” in 2017. We coordinated a local project about using web 2.0 tools effectively by teachers. We have just started a local project, titled “Youth Development Academy” in order to make young people develop themselves in 2016. We have implemented a project titled “Youth Vision for Future” in order to make university students more qualified for their professional life after school by providing training opportunity to develop their digital, communication and professional skills and compentences.

We have been designing new projects and activities with our motivated, experienced and expertised team. 

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